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Sharing my joy from the weekend

I finished my second half marathon yesterday. The Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. And may I just say it was sooooooooooo much better than Zooma in Annapolis. Flat and fast course. Good music. Perfect weather. Lots of crowd support on the course. Scenic view of the Schulkyll River. In other words: Awesome times ten!!! … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #6

Well the countdown has begun. In 10 days I will be running my very first half marathon. It has been a long road to get to this day. I did 11.5 miles on Sunday. I didn’t mind the distance but UGGGGHHHHHH my period was beginning and that just jacked the whole thing up. My body … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #4

“Success is not measured by where you are in life, but the obstacles you’ve over come” -Booker T. Washington My children found this picture in our family photo basket a couple of weeks ago. WOOOOOO!!!!!  You may not like what I say about myself here but I was a real porker in 2002. I had … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #3

Half Marathon Update #3

Guess who is doing her thang on the road to the Zooma Half Marathon in Annapolis? ME BABY!!! I am happy to report that on this day, the first day of the fifth week of my training I have hit a milestone. I ran seven miles. Never been done before. I also hit another milestone. … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #2

So I’m still on the road to my first half marathon but I’m having a moment with running right now.  I have made it to La Douleur Exquise! level.  I suppose every runner goes through this during their training. I am in exquisite PAIN my friends. I went out for my long run on Sunday … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #1

Obstacle: Winter weather. It has been so cold and snowy lately that going outdoors to run has been a struggle. I hate running in extreme conditions. I have nothing to prove by doing that. I will not win the race and I’m not trying to. But alas I do see the goal and believe it’s … Continue reading

Half Marathon Bound

Half Marathon Bound

I’ve been a runner for the better part of three years. Don’t get excited. I’m a tortoise not a hare at 14 minute/mile. That’s pretty slow compared to seasoned runner but faster than those who do nothing at all. I have done many 5k races, a couple of 10Ks and one marathon relay (I was … Continue reading