Posted in April 2013

Urban Bushwoman: Crime Victim Spouse

I was wrapping up a fun fab Friday that mirrored the fun fab week I’ve been having when my cell phone rang. It was my mom-in-love. She said “the police called”… well that was all it took to shut down the fun fab stuff. Nothing good ever comes from a sentence that starts with “the … Continue reading

Welcome to Howard County, Xitomate!!!

I had a very refreshing Friday eve pick me up experience today right here in Columbia. I attended the grand opening of Xitomate, the newest Mexican restaurant in Howard County. And if you need a Monday night, Wednesday afternoon, Friday Happy Hour-because-I-don’t-wanna-go-home-yet pick me up spot, head there yourself. HoCo bloggers were invited to get … Continue reading

Run FOR Boston, Not FROM Fear

Run FOR Boston, Not FROM Fear

So as I write this post, a tragedy is being relived, reconstructed, and revisited in Boston, Massachutes. For those of you who are not regular readers of my blog, note that I am a runner. I run races all the time. So when I heard about what happened in Boston, I truly was struck. Why … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #5

Well I did it!!! I finished the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile race today. My time?? 2:14:26 unofficially. My goal was to finish before 2:20:00 soooooo I am thrilled!!! If I can keep this up and work on getting faster my half mary is gonna be a breeze. At least…I hope it will. The half I’m … Continue reading