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Cheers Dr. Calvin Ball!!

Do me a favor. If you see Dr. Calvin Ball, District 2 Representative on the County Council, buy him a beer. Buy him a slurpee. Give him 4 tickets to an Oriole’s game (not the cheap seats). Or simply pat him on the back and say “thank you”. The County Council finally passed the nutritional … Continue reading

The County Government Resets

  Guess where I was last night. Yup!! I got the golden ticket to go to the installation ceremony of the county council and the county executive. It was a lovely, lovely, LOVELY ceremony. Jazz band, poinsettias, programs printed on good paper, two beautiful prayers delivered and a lady coughing heavily right next to me … Continue reading

Three HoCo Politico Women to Watch

Three HoCo Politico Women to Watch

I know how badly you want to read and hear more about the election tomorrow so here’s my opinion for what it’s worth. I am big supporter of women in politics. From the challenging of women’s reproductive rights, to idiots in Congress recklessly “defining” rape to the fight against raising the minimum wage and granting … Continue reading