Spotted: Council Member Behaving “Goodly”

You've been caught Mary Kay! Thanks for your service!

You’ve been caught Mary Kay! Thanks for your service!

So Saturday morning my son and I was boppin’ along to my neighborhood Giant in Dorsey Search over here in Weinstein Country. I was in my own world on the MYOB tip when this super friendly teenager smiles and explains that they’re having a food drive. She handed me a flier with a “grocery list” of items to donate. Cool beans!! I like when people give me a list to select from when making donations. When I came out and gave my food donation to one of the volunteers I caught a glimpse of someone familiar out the corner of my eye. It was Mary Kay Sigaty, Council Member Representative from District 4. I took my son home and came back to the store with my real camera to take a picture (excuse the amateur photography skills).

As it turns out this group of teens were collecting donations for Food for Tomorrow, a student-led food drive that benefits the Howard County Food Bank. Nice way for a teen to spend a Saturday morning and earn some Student Service Learning hours. And in the midst of the cans, boxes, and bottles being put into containers stood Mary Kay, humbly collecting food. No press releases. No flack by her side annoying customers with that “Do you see Mary Kay Sigaty over there?” question. No fanfare at all. If you didn’t know of her already, you would think she was just a sweet volunteer delightedly accepting donations.

I know people get a rise out of seeing bloggers catch politicians behaving poorly. And I would too because they are elected by me and others to serve the county. However, I think it is equally important to “catch” them doing the job they were hired to do. Many, many politicians do wonderful deeds for the community above and beyond their job description that do not make the headlines and are forgotten come election time. It’s a shame it has to be that way. But for now I’m going to use one post on my little blog to recognize an altruistic act done by a very cool community member who just so happens to have a very important job. Keep up the good work Mary Kay!!


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