Posted in July 2013

Things that make me smile: The Power ofMe

Quick, positive post. Yesterday, I ran 3 miles in an obstacle run called Lozilu (see pre-mud photo below) In the evening, I did a pole dancing class for a friend’s birthday. (No photo of me for that one). And this morning I ran 7 miles with hills and heat. Normally the activities of yesterday alone … Continue reading

How St. John can really make a difference

Forgive me in this post but I’m feeling a bit cynical today. I’ve been working out a little too hard lately. Well here we go. In the wake of the Trayvon Martin travesty that has literally stunned the nation (although I don’t know why we’re stunned.) St. John Baptist Church is having a community discussion … Continue reading

One other thought about Stand Your Ground

I went to bed thinking about how this law is applied and how some people can get away with killing someone while others must serve prison terms. If you don’t follow me, just read about Marissa Alexander, a 31 year-old Tampa Bay mother who was being beaten by her abusive husband in 2010. She fired … Continue reading