Posted in August 2013

Things that make me smile: Mushroom

Hmmmm…… Good things are growing in the E. Cott. I’ve seen many mushrooms in my life but I’ve never seen mushrooms that are so…erect. Most of the ones I’ve seen are short, stumpy and limp. Sorta like a Shar-pei dog. But the ones in The City (Ellicott City) are tall and strong and very…umm….focused. I … Continue reading

A New Kinda Crabcake

So I was browsing through the September issue of Runner’s World Magazine and I came across this recipe for a crabcake. The Curry Crab Burger with Guacamole. And may I just say it is every bit of good as it looks. Spicy, moist, buttery, and of course CRABBY. Delicious!! I fried mine in olive oil … Continue reading