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Things That Make Me Smile: A Synergy Selfie

So I walk into Synergy this morning for Boxercise class and see the staff gathered together taking this selfie. The breathe strips are in support of California Chrome, the horse that is a nose length’s away from the Triple Crown. Apparently the Belmont Stakes said ‘No’ to the strips at first but are changing their … Continue reading

Things that make me smile: A Smart Husband

I sent my husband to the store to buy groceries. I anticipated him coming home with crap that I wouldn’t buy because…well he’s a guy and generally they don’t pay much attention to food labels. My heart leapt with joy when I saw that he got whole grain products. Wooooo hooooo!!!! It may seem small … Continue reading

Things that make me smile: Mushroom

Hmmmm…… Good things are growing in the E. Cott. I’ve seen many mushrooms in my life but I’ve never seen mushrooms that are so…erect. Most of the ones I’ve seen are short, stumpy and limp. Sorta like a Shar-pei dog. But the ones in The City (Ellicott City) are tall and strong and very…umm….focused. I … Continue reading

Things that make me smile: The Power ofMe

Quick, positive post. Yesterday, I ran 3 miles in an obstacle run called Lozilu (see pre-mud photo below) In the evening, I did a pole dancing class for a friend’s birthday. (No photo of me for that one). And this morning I ran 7 miles with hills and heat. Normally the activities of yesterday alone … Continue reading