Things that make me smile: A date night with my son


That cute little boy in the picture is my Autistic rock star. We had a date night at the Baltimore Aquarium on Sunday night. And we had a BLAST!!!

Our date night was courtesy of Pathfinders for Autism, a non-profit group dedicated to supporting people with special needs and their families. They invited all of us families (must have been over 500 people there) to the aquarium to see the sea life, exhibits, and special presentations. All for free. I cannot tell you how liberating it is to be in a public place with other people who don’t look at you like you’re subhuman because your child is struggling with his/her emotions. All the families deal with similar issues so it’s ok if your child screams or claps or laughs when nothing is funny or refuses to sit still or talks non-stop. I was thrilled to go. And my son was an absolute angel. He pulled me through the aquarium looking at every little movement by every little creature. He was completely fascinated. I was completely relieved.

If you get a chance to pick a charity to support, I highly suggest that you give to Pathfinders for Autism. They provide many wonderful services that families need. Wanna know more about them?? Click here.

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