Posted in April 2014

Who needs men? I do

A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook and got a flurry of comments rolling. Her comment went a little like this: I’m self motivated, a self starter and not too girly that I cant get dirty if I have too. To men, this translates to you don’t need me, you don’t make me … Continue reading

Synergy Chronicles: My First Spin Class

Well I decided to try a class yesterday. I haven’t been on the gym scene in more than a decade so classes have most definitely changed. I’m not afraid of a challenge because that’s usually where the results come from; doing something new with your muscles. Off to Synergy I go!! So I decided to … Continue reading

Hello Synergy! Nice to meet you!

Hello Synergy! Nice to meet you!

Have you met Synergy Women’s Fitness?? Why didn’t y’all tell me that this place existed before now? O to the M to the G! Let me dish for a minute. I attended a fabulous open house at Synergy Fitness last week. And I mean it was fab times five.       I was expecting … Continue reading

What Obama Isn’t “Doing” For Black People

Sooooo I gotta little pissed when I read a particular Facebook post yesterday regarding my President not doing enough for Black people (Note to self: avoid all political conversations when Aunt Flow comes to town.  My emotions cannot be contained.) Six years in office and a slew of legislations that help lower and middle income … Continue reading