Posted in May 2013

Wanted: Black Male Health Role Models

Wanted: Black Male Health Role Models

All this buzz about the upcoming Men’s Health Fair got me thinking about men’s health while I was deep cleaning my bathrooms on Monday. Women are very encouraging when it comes to health but not men. We have grown up seeing women support one another. But what about the fellas. I wondered what men do … Continue reading

Teacher hid kids in closet during twister

Originally posted on Anderson Cooper 360:
Janice Brim heeded her husband’s advice and found a safe place to protect her students at Plaza Towers Elementary during the Oklahoma tornado. Mark Brim, who works in construction, had warned that a hallway would not be adequate. Immediately after the storm hit, Mark raced to his wife’s school. When he saw…

Half Marathon Update #6

Well the countdown has begun. In 10 days I will be running my very first half marathon. It has been a long road to get to this day. I did 11.5 miles on Sunday. I didn’t mind the distance but UGGGGHHHHHH my period was beginning and that just jacked the whole thing up. My body … Continue reading

Things the Make Me Shake My Head: HoCo FD Waste

Warning: I’m kinda high on Zyrtec right now. Forgive the errors and bitchiness in this post. So I’m driving by a Fire Station just now and I notice that there’s a fireman washing his personal vehicle. Then it hit me. This is about the third time I’ve witnessed someone at the fire station washing his … Continue reading

Root for the Ball team tonight!

Good people! Tonight there will be a fundraiser that I want you to get out and visit (ahem…and bring your wallet. Don’t play this one cheap.). Dr. Calvin Ball, Council Representative for District 2 here in Howard County, is raising funds and spirits at the Stanford Grill in Columbia. I have three reasons why I … Continue reading

Rest in Peace Dennis Lane-Blogger

I have had my head in my own stormy clouds all week so I missed this one big time. For those of you who do not live in Howard County (especially my followers in the UK), you probably don’t know that we have a blogger network here. There are many people out here who write … Continue reading

Simplified Sustainable Living

I finally got my girlfriend to come all the way from the exotic land of Long Reach to tutor me on gardening. She has a green hand, wrist and arm as opposed to a thumb and keeps a very bountiful garden plot going at that garden spot over on Oakland Mills Road (the real name … Continue reading