Root for the Ball team tonight!

Good people! Tonight there will be a fundraiser that I want you to get out and visit (ahem…and bring your wallet. Don’t play this one cheap.). Dr. Calvin Ball, Council Representative for District 2 here in Howard County, is raising funds and spirits at the Stanford Grill in Columbia. I have three reasons why I give him two thumbs up and not the middle finger like I do so many other politicians.

1. He supports people with special needs. Council Bill 40, which gives a little extra leverage to people with disabilities who are seeking employment, was introduced by Dr. Ball. It passed. As a mother of an Autistic son (my little Autistic Rock Star) bills like this warm my heart. Dr. Ball could have easily ignored the Special Needs population like so many others do but he did not. He fought for them.

2. He is consistent. From anti-bullying to helping folks get their financial house in order to Men’s health, Dr. Ball consistently advocates for causes that matter to me. I look forward to all the posts and pictures on Facebook of how he is immersed in community affairs on a regular basis. And he follows up and follows through with what he says.  I haven’t seen a hit or miss pattern with him.

3. He’s a personable politician.  He’s not the type of man who gives you an uneasy smile and barely listens to you. He looks you square in the eye and hold his focus there until the conversation rests. He makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room at the moment. You can rest assured that if you’re having a talk with him, you indeed have his undivided attention. That’s so rare in this world that is full of distractions.

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe a hug will. Click here to read what my fellow blogger Julia McCready says about Dr. Ball and his famous hugs.

Alright, here’s the deets!

Reception Honoring Dr. Calvin Ball

Stanford Grill

8900 Stanford Blvd.

Columbia, Maryland 21045

5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Go Ball team GO!


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