The Best Potato Salad in all of Howard County


Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day!!! Hope you are enjoying the long weekend. Please don’t forget about those who died to provide the freedom to enjoy these long weekends.

Let me begin by telling you that I don’t like potato salad. I have suffered through enough of it as a Black child (no Soul Food meal is complete without it). So it takes a lot for me to eat some as a Black adult. It’s fattening, spoils easily, and 80 percent of the people that make it don’t know what they’re doing so it’s awful. As a health nut, I prefer regular romaine lettuce/spinach driven salad.

Well Glory be and hallelujah because about three years ago a girlfriend of mine came over to my house from the hills of Cradlerock for dinner. She brought this potato salad. I tasted it once and could not get enough. She let me think it was hers until she broke down and told the truth. It came from the store in the above picture.

I know you’re what you’re thinking and you’re right. Yes it is a broken down little store (in the city we call it the corner store). Yes it’s not the cleanest spot in the world. And yes there are far nicer locales in Columbia to get food (or even a drink of water). But oh taste and see that the salad is GOOD! I dunno if this joint is the best kept secret in Columbia or the best secret kept from me but I will actually eat this potato salad and come back for more. 🙂

It’s gotta be in the mayonnaise or the way they cook the potatoes because it just melts away in my mouth. It’s smooth with just a hint of tartness from the mustard (I guess it’s mustard). I haven’t had it any better since my friend visited my home. Also, I always welcome the chance to support a Mom and Pop shop when possible because small businesses are the heartbeat of the local economy (Wegman’s will be fine).

Anyway, if you find yourself wandering around Shaker drive sometime, I suggest you drop by and give it a try. Or take some to the next potluck you attend and see what happens. It may work wonders for you.

PS this potato salad typically sells out around the holidays so call ahead just to be sure it will be available.

Columbia Grocery
Atholton Shopping Center
Somewhere along Shaker Drive
Columbia, Maryland

(410) 997-3711

Thanks for reading!!!


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