Things the Make Me Shake My Head: HoCo FD Waste

Warning: I’m kinda high on Zyrtec right now. Forgive the errors and bitchiness in this post.

So I’m driving by a Fire Station just now and I notice that there’s a fireman washing his personal vehicle. Then it hit me. This is about the third time I’ve witnessed someone at the fire station washing his car. One guy washed his girlfriend’s car at the station (pics were posted on Facebook. Gotta love Social Media.) What a waste!!!

Another observation is that the fire station in question is the not too far away from a Shopping Center. I see those guys frequently drive over to the to get food and other things. I don’t care about that but why do they have to use the fire truck’s gas to go get it. The store is less than one tenth of a mile away. Is there a law that says they can’t walk over there? Why can’t one of the guys use their newly cleaned cars to make a food run?

Ahhhh Fire Guys!!! I hate to call you out like this because you all are so vital to the community. And you’re so vital to women in our fantasy worlds. I love fire men!!! The boots, the shorts, the weight limits, the biceps, the shoulders, the clean shaven faces, the boots, the shorts…ahem…..back to reality since most of them look at me like I’m a bag of dirt.

This may very well not be a big deal but when we talk about conserving resources, budget squabbles, and nearly the cliched phrase “sustainable living” we shouldn’t ignore these little infractions. They add up. How many car washes does the tax payer have to finance per year from water wasted on non-emergencies and non-work related tasks? How much do we have to pay in gas (which ain’t cheap) for them to have some groceries? Agggh!!!! I feel like my tax dollars are washing down the drain with diluted Turtle Wax Car Cleaner.

If you can enlighten me on any of this, I’m all ears. I try to be fair and understanding because there’s always another side to the story. But for now I stew a little in my juices. Get it together gentlemen. I work hard for my money. I ain’t got time to waste it on vanity.

Ok. I’m done with my little rant. I need a nap and about a gallon of water.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Things the Make Me Shake My Head: HoCo FD Waste

  1. I can answer the grocery store question. My brother was captain of a station in another county, for more than half his career.

    Equipment could not leave the station inadequately manned. Stations had just enough personnel to take out the various pieces, ambo, tanker and ladder truck. If two guys were to leave in a personal vehicle to stock the station, and a call came in, equipment could not move until they got back.

    If you were at the grocery store and got a call, you dropped the groceries, ran to the truck and had the right number on the truck to head out immediately.

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