Teacher hid kids in closet during twister

Let’s give it up for the teachers who put themselves last, shall we?

Anderson Cooper 360

Janice Brim heeded her husband’s advice and found a safe place to protect her students at Plaza Towers Elementary during the Oklahoma tornado. Mark Brim, who works in construction, had warned that a hallway would not be adequate.

Immediately after the storm hit, Mark raced to his wife’s school. When he saw the destruction, he feared the worst. He remembers thinking, “There’s no way that anybody could walk away from this.”

Tragically, there were fatalities in the school, but Janice and the five children who were with her survived. “I told the kids ‘We may get rained on if it lifts the roof off. We are hanging tight. We’re going to stay strong right here,'” she tells Anderson Cooper.  The couple believes seeking shelter in the closet was a lifesaving decision.

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2 thoughts on “Teacher hid kids in closet during twister

  1. Hi Mark and Janice!!! We were talking about you guys over dinner just now in Virginia (remembering you both in Fantastiks in Abilene, Mark’s hilarious ostrich imitation, etc) …and I decided to google you guys. We just read about your experience in the tornado in May. What a horrible event but we are so thankful for the outcome for you all. I’m not sure if this is a public comment or not so I will sign off now. Brad, son of Ric and Kaye. We love you guys and have thought of you often theough

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