Posted in February 2013

Blog Party TONIGHT!!!

Quick post to invite you to Union Jack’s tonight for a blogger party.  I am extremely grateful that I am involved in a blogger community that appreciates how alcohol enhances writing. It worked for Faulkner, right? 🙂 Anyway, I hope that if you are one of my followers and live in Howard County that you … Continue reading

Race To The Top and watch us all fall down

Race To The Top and watch us all fall down

Have you ever wished you didn’t know something? Like maybe the person that told you some information got it wrong. Or maybe you read that sentence in an article wrong and missed the word almost or nearly. Sometimes I get that way because I am happier being ignorant. And I don’t feel like getting involved … Continue reading

Originally posted on hiphopocracy:
Obama speaking in Chicago on 2/15/13 President Obama just gave a really bland, boring speech in Chicago which some optimistic folks among us thought might directly address the problem of inner-city gun violence, in the wake of shooting death of Hadiya Pendleton. It quickly became clear, however, that Obama was in…

Half Marathon Update #2

So I’m still on the road to my first half marathon but I’m having a moment with running right now.  I have made it to La Douleur Exquise! level.  I suppose every runner goes through this during their training. I am in exquisite PAIN my friends. I went out for my long run on Sunday … Continue reading

I’m pulling for the Republican Party

I’m pulling for the Republican Party

Ok my Dem friends, calm down a second. Allow me to explain. I am registered as an Independent and always have been. Why? For starters, I grew up with Independent Party parents and they were my models for politics. Secondly, I cannot see myself aligning with one party (Indecision is my Achilles Heel. It explains … Continue reading

Five reasons why last week did NOT suck

First of all, let me say ‘Hello’ to my new subscribers. I don’t know if you accidentally started following me or you just have a passion for nutty, weird, totally unfocused bloggers. Either way I’m glad you’re here. I was thinking about the positive things that happened last week during my 5 mile run this … Continue reading