Five reasons why last week did NOT suck

Don't drive by too fast. You'll miss it.

Don’t drive by too fast. You’ll miss it.

First of all, let me say ‘Hello’ to my new subscribers. I don’t know if you accidentally started following me or you just have a passion for nutty, weird, totally unfocused bloggers. Either way I’m glad you’re here.

I was thinking about the positive things that happened last week during my 5 mile run this morning and decided to count my blessings.

  1. My husband and our son went to the barbershop on Sunday. To my surprise, my husband got his beard shaved off into a gorgeous goatee. He has been rocking a beard for the last 6 months. I hated it but he said he felt comforted by it so I let that go. Well when that man got out of the car…CHILE…. I swear my heart stopped for 3 seconds flat. He looked so so SO good.  I wanted to tackled him in the driveway and kiss him to death. What a difference some clippers make.
  2. CAW!! CAW!!!! The Ravens won the Superbowl!!! I root for two teams in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys (NFC) and the Baltimore Ravens (AFC). Sweet baby Ray Ray pulled it off for the city of Baltimore. I was a little disappointed that Jacoby Jones didn’t get MVP but I guess he can’t catch good passes without an excellent quarterback.  Maybe in a couple of years my Cowboys will win the big show. (Fingers and toes crossed)
  3. I haven’t had a cell phone all week long due to a switch in carriers (no I’m not behind in my bill). Yeah I know. Why is that a ‘blessing’? I haven’t had to check my phone hourly like I always do when I’m away from my kids. I thought that would drive me crazy but it has been surprisingly nice. People who want to connect with me know how to do that and will do that without a cell phone.  Small burden lifted but it won’t last long.
  4. I ate a really nice lunch. So what, right? Well it was Cuban food and I’m a sucker for international cuisine. Cuba de Ayer is probably going to be my new spot. It’s just on the other side of the Patuxent River in Burtonsville and it’s in the cut.  If you drive by too fast you will miss it. Cubans usually know how to cook meat to perfection. So flavorful and tender. They can make shoe leather melt in your mouth. And the service was great. My waiter was a sweet young man with a face made for a boy band. Please don’t tell my family I had some quiet time though. They will punish me for it in their own way.
  5. I made a delivery to a non-profit in Baltimore County. The Samaritan Women is a spot that helps victims of human trafficking get back on their feet again. They collect purses to sell at purse parties (actually they ask local groups to host the purse parties). The proceeds go to them. I delivered 108 purses to them on behalf of my sorority. Nothing makes me feel as good as helping other people even when I’m having a crappy day. (Side note: I like Baltimore County. Really.)

Is it possible for me to have two good weeks in a row? We’ll see about that.

Thanks for reading!

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