Half Marathon Update #6

runnerWell the countdown has begun. In 10 days I will be running my very first half marathon. It has been a long road to get to this day. I did 11.5 miles on Sunday. I didn’t mind the distance but UGGGGHHHHHH my period was beginning and that just jacked the whole thing up. My body was so sore when I got home again I had to soak in the tub and take three Advils. Curse you Eve and your stupid apple!

Anyway, I’ve got my outfit picked out and I have a plan for my accessories (I’m a girl. Girls have to have accessories). I was contemplating getting another pair of shoes before the race and trying to break them in a little but I know that’s a cardinal sin so I will let my shoe purchase me my reward for after the race. I have been experimenting with different energy gels, blocks, and beans. I determined that Roctane Gu and Sports Beans will be my best bet for energy. And I bought a hydration belt last week. I thought it might irritate me but actually it’s great. Only problem is that it’s not enough water for these long runs.

My greatest challenges over the past few weeks have not been physical but mental. I don’t admit this very often because I try to avoid claiming the negative but I think I’m stressed out. My family has had a few problems here and there but for the most part we’re ok (in fact today is my son’s birthday). Work is fine on my day job as a teacher. My night job as a writer has been picking up like crazy. One of the editors I write for must have had some sort of come to Jesus meeting because he’s been sending stories my way left and right. Good problem to have because I could use the $$$ but the added workload has just thrown off my mental. It has also become an interruption in my weeknight running schedule. Not a good look because it’s those weeknight runs that help sustain me during my long runs.

On a lighter note, I have determined that my post race reward will be a tattoo (at least I hope so). This race will be quite a feat for me and I want to commemorate it. Don’t worry. I will get it done in a spot where it can be concealed. I don’t like tattoos on my arms and legs. Not my style. This will be my third and last tatt so I gotta make sure it’s a good one and in a good place.

I guess I’ll make it y’all. June 1st will be here soon and I have got to shake off the stress and the blues (I guess that’s why I need to keep running). I’m going to chalk this one up to hormones and pre-race jitters. Time to taper off, relax and plan for a victory. Zooma bound. Let’s go!!!!

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