Things That Make Me Smile: Will work for love


Hey guys! Just wanted to share this (and I’m doing so from my phone so you know it’s a good one to me). Isn’t that a great quote? I find it to be oh so true. I haven’t had many relationships but the ones that I can say were great had two things going for them.

1. We were best friends that can talk to each other about anything without judgement or fear of losing the other’s respect.

2. It was clear that we both wanted to be together because we worked to make it work. In spite of what we see in Hollywood or in other people’s relationships, real love takes some effort. It’s not always convenient but it is so worth the rising action.

Hope that resonates on some level with you. If it does, feel free to share. I’ve got some research to do for my next paid article so I must run along now.
Thanks for reading!

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