The case for waterfront fitness in Columbia

Hello and Happy Independence Day to you!!! So the last time I posted about starting a free wellness series here in Howard County, I told you that I started a thread on the Inspire Columbia site. I got some votes. I want more. Now maybe you just couldn’t envision how it would work. Well check this out. And please feel free to share this post.

This morning I went to a free Bootcamp class offered by a local group called Hardbody Outdoor Fitness. He kicked our booties for one hour. By the fountain, on the grass, on the steps, near that…statue of that man hugging a child (I don’t know it’s formal name but it looks nice). We WORKED!! And the class work in that location. I was very impressed.

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know I am all about fitness and good health. And I truly don’t believe that one should have to travel long distances or pay absorbent amounts of money to be healthy. I participate in a free yoga class every Sunday morning in Baltimore on the Harbor. But why can’t we have that here? This class was an excellent example of how we can get a waterfront fitness series going on in Columbia.

Big UB shout out to Shaw, his lovely wife and his crew from Hardbody. They are very dedicated to helping people stay fit. See the pictures below for further explanation of my point. Check out the Hardbodies website for more details about their classes (See what happens when you invite bloggers? Free press!!). If you feel that we can have this here in Columbia with various classes from various local instructors every Sunday, click here to vote on it. Most of all SHARE THIS POST! SHARE THIS POST!! SHARE THIS POST!!











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