The County Government Resets


Excuse the shotty photography.


Guess where I was last night. Yup!! I got the golden ticket to go to the installation ceremony of the county council and the county executive. It was a lovely, lovely, LOVELY ceremony. Jazz band, poinsettias, programs printed on good paper, two beautiful prayers delivered and a lady coughing heavily right next to me (I thought I was going to die). The cutest part? The council and county executive’s children led the pledge of allegiance.

It’s so great to witness an event like this. This is democracy at work and whether I agree with the outcomes or not, I love the process all the same. We all have a hand in making this happen. The council and executive are our selections.  May God bless them all as they go to work to maintain the beauty and harmony that is in Howard County.

That’s it. It’s so rare that I get to be Cinderella on a Monday night. I just had to brag a little.  😉



See? On that good paper.



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