Three HoCo Politico Women to Watch

I know how badly you want to read and hear more about the election tomorrow so here’s my opinion for what it’s worth. I am big supporter of women in politics. From the challenging of women’s reproductive rights, to idiots in Congress recklessly “defining” rape to the fight against raising the minimum wage and granting equal pay for equal work it is obvious to those who pay attention that women need to be represented. That goes for the federal, state, and local levels.  There are three women in the local primaries that I have a very strong feeling are going to WOW the voters should they be elected. These women are good y’all. They posses this Pelosi-Clinton type of swagger in the politico circles. Self-assured. Socially and Politically Conscious. Brass-bound. Compassionate.  Here are my picks for the female rising stars of mid-term election.


Dr.Terri Hill-Democrat Candidate for the Maryland House of Representatives District 12  terri-l-hill

She is the darling of this HOR race. So many people like Terri and there’s a good reason why. She’s brilliant and engaging. You need only talk to this woman for 5 minutes to know that she’s not a joke. And she goes to work for real in the community. You can find Terri at forums, community meetings, council meetings, volunteering with the youth, or working for her church on any given day.  I have known Terri for about 6 years and I’ve seen her in action. She stands firm in what she believes and makes good on her word.  She really does care about our youth, our community, supporting businesses and healthcare.  I am very pleased that she finally decided to run for office because she clearly belongs there. I believe Terri will soar in politics based on her authenticity and strong work ethic. Stick with her on your ballot.



Candace Dodson-Reed– Candidate for Howard County Democratic Central Committee candace

Ok, I’ll start this one with two confessions: 1. I had no idea what the Democratic Central Committee did until this election. Click here to read the description. 2. I’m a little biased here because my name is Candace too but just hear me out. 🙂  I am impressed with Candace because she is devoted to Howard County and the state of Maryland (grew up here, returned here after college graduation, works for the county government). She doesn’t rely on her connections with anyone to make a name for herself like I’ve seen sooooooo many people do growing up in the District. And she didn’t just rely on her experience with working in Ken Ulman’s office to make her a better politician. She actively trained for political office by participating in Emerge Maryland. Candace has drive and she inspires YOU to have drive too. She is ready for office and I think this is only the first step for her.  So chant CDR! CDR! CDR! on your way to your polling place.


Wendy Royalty-Democratic Candidate for County Council Representative in District 1  wendy royalty

Ahhhh….District 1. My District. This has been an interesting race. With no incumbent to battle, this seat is highly coveted. Although there are two women running for this seat I am settled on Wendy. When I conversed with her I heard concerns for diversity, a desire to hear everyone’s voice on issues, the importance of collaboration, and a love for our community. And it all seemed very genuine to me. I believe Wendy will do us proud in District 1. I can tell that she is a thoughtful problem solver. Quick to listen. Slow to speak. Takes everything into consideration. Wendy is ready to lead.  Shucks!! She’s already an established leader. She’s a trained social worker which means to me that she knows a lot about socio-economic issues that plague many communities. She’s the former vice president for public affairs for Planned Parenthood of Maryland (talk about WORK. I can only imagine). And she is now on a career hiatus for the sake of her family. I’m impressed with that. Being a domestic engineer means you are willing to sacrifice your personal goals and aspirations for the sake of others.  Great leaders are willing to compromise for the greater good.

My thoughts about endorsements: Yeah, I know some endorsements have gone to Wendy’s competitor but that doesn’t really phase me and they never really have. Police Officers and Firemen are so uber important but they don’t necessarily represent me. I have no words for the teachers, a group dominated by women (rolling my eyes). And as for The Columbia Flier, oh puleeze. How many editors do they have on staff that look like me and the other 20% of Howard Countians?? Election season aside, I don’t look to them as a model of diversity.  So before you start throwing all these cute little endorsements in my face, save it. I’m sticking with Wendy.

Agree with me? Disagree with me? Either way, it’s cool. But the best way to show it isn’t by commenting here (although you can if you want). Go do it at the ballot box tomorrow. Don’t let these midterm elections pass by. From the primary to the general election they are critical. Make your voice and your stance be known. Happy voting folks!

PS This blog is on a hiatus for the next couple of weeks. I am on a major deadline for my professional writing gigs and my editors need my full attention. I hear that’s how you stay on the payroll. See ya in July!



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