Cheers Dr. Calvin Ball!!

Do me a favor. If you see Dr. Calvin Ball, District 2 Representative on the County Council, buy him a beer. Buy him a slurpee. Give him 4 tickets to an Oriole’s game (not the cheap seats). Or simply pat him on the back and say “thank you”. The County Council finally passed the nutritional standards bill . This is a victory not so easily won. Dr. Ball has weathered one hell of a storm to get this legislation approved. He took the guidelines that were first presented by former county executive Ken Ulman and revised them to make them more…how should I put it?…user-friendly. We get more healthy choices in vending machines located on county-owned property and if that doesn’t quench our thirst we can still go to the nearest store and to buy our own junk food. Wonderful!!!

RAISE A GLASS, Y’ALL!!! I am so grateful for health advocates like The Horizon Foundation and Sugar Free Maryland who aren’t manipulated by soft drink pushers who use canny language to make people think they’re losing out on something big by not purchasing a soda. Thank goodness they kept pushing. Thank you to the community members who spoke up in blogs and social media about this issue so that people can hear both sides of the argument. And thank you to the indefatigable Dr. Ball for giving this bill another look and molding it into a home run for Howard County. Once again, we are Healthy Howard.


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