Be a 3-minute advocate for Council Bill 17-2015

Hey y’all (in my Paula Deen voice, LOL)!! I have a quick and easy way for you to be an advocate today. Have you been keeping up with the council bill that will modify former County Executive Ken Ulman’s ban on sugary snacks and drinks? Click here if you want to read about it.

It’s an excellent compromise and still addresses the call for healthier snack and drink options. I have been rooting for this to pass over here in my corner of E City and you can help in a very simple way.

If you are feeling some kinda way about this bill and want to see it come to pass, do me a solid right now.  Go to the Sugar Free Kids Maryland site by clicking here and send an email to your county council representative. It is super easy. I just sent mine to Mr. Weinstein. I hope he hears my plea.

BAM!!! You’re an awesome advocate. Just. Like. that.

4 thoughts on “Be a 3-minute advocate for Council Bill 17-2015

  1. People are going to find sugary snacks one way or another. I went to an event and they had homemade sugary snacks. People were running for it. People made plates to take home. One overweight guy had his wife to cut him two country slices of every desert on the table as he ate a plate load of food I couldn’t even see the flowers on the plate.

      • We can monitor kids but not adults. People are going todo what they want. I went to dinner at a “healthy” Chinese restaurant: ½ c. brown rice, ½ plate of crunchy veggie, 2 ½ oz. protein (tofu, poultry, beef, or fish). Customers complained that it wasn’t enough rice/meat and asked for more. They were given more and charged extra. Then they complained about that.

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