Half Marathon Update #5


LAWD LAWD LAWD!!!! Did I just run that far?

Well I did it!!! I finished the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile race today. My time?? 2:14:26 unofficially. My goal was to finish before 2:20:00 soooooo I am thrilled!!! If I can keep this up and work on getting faster my half mary is gonna be a breeze. At least…I hope it will. The half I’m planing to run is known for hills so I’ve got my work cut out for me in the way of hill training.

Today was not easy and I didn’t think I was going to make it. My biggest fear in this race was getting picked up by the Sweeper Van. I was determined NOT to be caught by that. That would be admitting defeat. I started the day with some of my running group female friends at the 11:30 mile pace group. Mind you my pace is 13:00 mile but they convinced me that I would be fine. And I was…for the first half mile. Then my ankles (both of them) started hurting up badly. I kept stopping to walk it off. It grew worse and I grew discouraged. I felt like total crap. I even saw my annoying running friend run by. We chatted for a brief minute then she was off again. I was getting so worried that I would not be able to finish. Well around mile 3 aka the 5K point I glanced over in the lane I just left and saw “The Van” (cue the villain music). I started BOOKIN!!!! I ran through the pain until I didn’t see that damn thing anymore. It was like being chased by a zombie. That was all the motivation I needed to make it.

Ok. Just wanted to check in with y’all and let you know I made it. The next step is maintaining my training schedule while adding a few more miles, intervals and hill training to get ready for the half. I don’t exactly know how I’m going to do that just yet but we’ll see. Right now I have a standing date to hill training with another woman from my running group once a week (Sigh…why do these women think I’m friendly? Clearly I talk too much.) Now on to my second helping of my victory dinner; Popeyes Chicken. Don’t judge me. I’ll go back to my regular diet regiment tomorrow. Right now fried chicken tastes so so SO good.  🙂

Thanks for reading!!


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