Half Marathon Bound


I’ve been a runner for the better part of three years. Don’t get excited. I’m a tortoise not a hare at 14 minute/mile. That’s pretty slow compared to seasoned runner but faster than those who do nothing at all. I have done many 5k races, a couple of 10Ks and one marathon relay (I was the first leg in the Baltimore Running Festival. Brutal as hell!!)  However, I figured it’s time to step up my game and try for a longer distance. So I signed up for two half marathons in 2013. How’s that for longer? The first will be in late spring at Zooma Half Marathon in Annapolis. The other is the Diva Half Marathon in late summer in Wine Country Virginia. I’m very excited about both races but I know there are some obstacles that I must overcome in order to make it to the finish line.

For starters, I must train more frequently. I am so comfortable with getting one long run in on Sunday and a shorter run in sometime during the week. Well that has to be improved upon.  I must get in more runs during the week so my body doesn’t fall out of the habit easily. I want to get faster and that starts with my weight. If you know me in person you would know that I am not obese by a long shot and I don’t look heavy. However I am overweight and muscular. Not good when you want to increase your speed. My weight has to come down more for me to breeze through 13 miles. Speaking of muscles, strength training is also on my list.  I will be the first to cardio. If you ask me to do a push up, I will fall on the floor and cry. I hate strength training and the ironic part is that training is probably all I need to kick start my weight loss. Lastly, I must cross train more often.  All the research I’ve done on how to be a better runner says that cross training once a week will help me condition my non-obese body better. I stick to running all the time because it’s easy. Put one foot in front of the other and go. But all this Zumba, and PX90 and Cross Fit and Boot Camp stuff has too many moves for me to keep up with. I’d better find a perfect fit soon because this cross training piece is muy importante.

I’ve got six months to make this thing work. I am sure that one or more of these obstacles will get in my way. I figure that with a plan in place and realistic expectations I can make it happen one way or another. I’m in a good running group and they keep me motivated. I was considering joining the Howard County Striders but their meeting times won’t work for this working mom whose husband doesn’t get home until after 7 pm. I think the Hal Higdon training program is going to do fine for my schedule and training style. For strength training the 100 push up challenge will be a good start. That site also has sit ups, dips, and squats (perfect to maintain my beautiful posterior. I can’t help but brag. My butt is a thing of beauty. Ha! Ha! Ha!)  And for cross training there are a bunch of You Tube videos that I can move with including Pilates for Runners. I also have a few DVDs that will help me work up a sweat. Tae Bo still kicks ass even if it’s not popular.

Feel free to join me on this journey. And let me know how it’s going via email writeoncm@gmail.com. If you have any suggestions, holla at me. I’ll post a few updates between now and race time so you’ll know I’m still focused.

Fingers Crossed. Laces tied. Let’s go!

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