Sharing my joy from the weekend


I finished my second half marathon yesterday. The Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. And may I just say it was sooooooooooo much better than Zooma in Annapolis. Flat and fast course. Good music. Perfect weather. Lots of crowd support on the course. Scenic view of the Schulkyll River. In other words: Awesome times ten!!!

I like Philadelphia. It’s like an alternate New York to me. And well I am the Urban Bushwoman. City life thrills me.  And I love running. I consider it part of my health insurance plan. Also, I learned some make up tips for running that would have me looking like a star from start to finish. Thank God!! I got a BANGIN’ picture for my profile on Facebook. Gotta keep the ex-boyfriends filled with regret for letting me go (don’t judge. I’m just being honest).

Next stop: The Baltimore Running Festival half. Pray for me y’all. Ain’t nothing flat or fast about B-more in the running world.

There. I share my joy from the weekend. Hope your weekend was great!


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