Half Marathon Update #4


Yes it was cold in there. SHUT UP!!

“Success is not measured by where you are in life, but the obstacles you’ve over come” -Booker T. Washington

My children found this picture in our family photo basket a couple of weeks ago. WOOOOOO!!!!!  You may not like what I say about myself here but I was a real porker in 2002. I had just delivered my first child a few months before I took this picture. I was trying hard to get my figure back and was frustrated.  I watched what I ate but I wasn’t moving a muscle in the name of fitness. I worked full time, breast-fed my baby, attempted to become a nationally certified teacher (failed miserably) and tried to be an attentive wife. Where the hell was the energy going to come from to workout?  The woman you see in this pic would not have ran to the mailbox back then. HOWEVER, the woman that is authoring this blog ran 10 miles yesterday for the very first time in her life. (Pause for applause here)

One of the tips sent to us in the virtual training program for the Cherry Blossom race is to look back at how far you’ve come in this program. I reflected on that yesterday during my run. I was a struggling “wogger” who could barely push a 16 minute mile when I first started  running three years ago. Every step was a struggle and I gave up a few times. Yesterday I maintained a 13 minute mile with a group of motivating ladies. My weight is still an issue for me but I don’t look like that picture anymore. I used to hate shopping for anything for myself because I looked terrible in everything. Now I don’t mind shopping although I can still list about five major flaws with my body that I want to change. (And please spare me the encouraging you-look-great-don’t-worry speech because I won’t accept it. I don’t care who tells me that.) Overall, I feel great about where I am today and I plan to keep going. I have come a long freaking way y’all and I’m mighty proud of that.

Problem solved

Remember that woman I told you about that ran with me and talked me to death? The one I wanted to bump into a huge ditch because she was kinda forcing me to talk and run at the same time? Well she is still around since we are both doing the same amount of mileage in training. But instead of ditching her like I have been doing I came up with a better plan. I invited more women from our running group  to join us. This way she could run with someone at her pace, which is faster than mine. AND she could talk their ear off and leave me alone. We had 5 women in our group today. My plan worked like a charm. (Pause for a collective moment of AHHHHH here)

As it turns out though running with a group is more productive than running alone. I didn’t walk as much. I got a chance to share and receive some good running tips. And it’s probably not a good idea for a female to run alone for such a long distance . I don’t know what I would do if some dude rolled up on me while I’m rocking out to Michael Jackson on my iPod. No place is safe. Not even in County de Howard.

There’s  great article about this very topic in Runner’s World this month. Click here to see.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading!

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