Obama wins second term. Is the best really yet to come?

Well he did it again. President Barack Obama remains in office after a grueling 18 months of campaigning.  In the end Romney  and his sidekick just didn’t have that warm, fuzzy, ‘trust me’ factor that Obama did (note to the GOP: you really need to get on that. You look like a bunch of grumpy , tight-fisted old men at this point).  I don’t know about y’all but this election seemed to have been more affective than any other one. Why? 1. Obama is a Black man in America trying to win the most coveted job in all of politics. I support Black men through good, bad, or whatever.  2. The attacks on him throughout his presidency have been outright abominable. 3. I voted for him (twice now) and I don’t want egg on my face.

Let me be frank for a moment. I am broke. Busted. Have very little funds. And as strange as this may seem my money is tied to my emotions. I suspect that I’m not the only one.  It seems like the whole country is grumpy because the economy is totally outta whack. It has been a rough 12 years between Bush dismantling our economy and Obama trying to pick it back up again among major resistance. My family and I suffered quite a bit financially and emotionally and we’re still trying to recover.  It is my hope that he can be the catalyst for financial change that will help us all get out of this rut.

Our country is still in a very fragile state even after four years of ‘Hope’. The Republicans say they want to work with the Democrats now to move forward but I have feeling in the pit of my stomach that they are lying. They lost the big show so to speak and they are desperate to save face in my opinion. This divisiveness just seems to contribute to everyone’s frustration and when you add a suck ass economy into the mix it makes for a very dark road ahead. Is the best really going to come with this kind of poison being spread among our leaders?Will President Obama be the one to make real peace in Congress? I wonder.  They can pretend to be congenial all they want but this city girl aint fooled by a long shot.

Well what’s done is done. Obama reigns victorious and the reset button will be pressed Monday, January 21, 2013. God bless you President Obama for being man enough to take on this challenge again. God bless you for standing tall in the face of adversity and not crumbling. God bless you for being resilient and forgiving when so many people are throwing the best of the worst at you at one time. God bless you for believing in Americans…all of us. God bless you President Obama and God bless these United States. This Urban Bushwoman is standing right by you waiting for the best that has yet to be.

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