Things that make me shake my head: My first County Council meeting


I’ll be damned. I tried to blog this last night during the actual meeting but everything I typed got erased. STUPID MOBILE APP!!

The farmers were out (and plenty pissed off at Ken Ulman and Martin O’Malley). There were three of these tractors circling the parking lot. I guess that’s as good as it gets in the action department for a County de Howard Council meeting. I talked to one of the farmers who explained the situation to me. I can’t remember all the details but in essence some big bad government boys are plotting to steal their land and they just want to be left alone. I felt him.
I’m gonna keep one of my sleepy eyes on this one.

I wish I could have stayed for the entire meeting. I wanted to hear their case as it was laid out before the Justice League but a looming deadline and Mr.’s text messages pulled me out of the Benjamin Banneker Room. Such is my life; always on the go.

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