Things that make me smile: Steven Horsford

Glory be and Hallelujah!!! Congratulations to Steven Horsford on being elected Nevada’s first African-American Congressman. I love Black men and I am so happy to see them succeed and will support them in anyway I can if they are doing the right thing. He seems like a man with real promise. He is a pull yourself up by your bootstraps kinda man. Survivor of a rough childhood but didn’t let that stop him from rising up. He has made some mistakes along his career but he owns up to them, apologizes and moves on. He has his youth and a vision for leadership. Commendable. Admirable. Unforgettable. And oh yeah…. SO DAMN HANDSOME!!!! LOL!!!

Get to know this distinguished gentleman fem Nevada by clicking here. I’ll have my say about Barack Obama’s victory in my next post. I’m going back to sleep now.

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