Things the Make Me Smile: Free Yoga Class


I went out of my comfortable Howard County neighborhood today to go to the Baltimore Inner Harbor for a run. I took my yoga mat with me because I heard that there was free yoga being offered there. And it was!

Charm City Yoga offered a great class for beginners or advancers. I loved being out on the water and taking in the scenery. I got a whiff of pancakes and bacon cooking from somewhere nearby which was torture but in a good way. The instructor was a little too soft spoken to be outdoors but I guess they’re not supposed to yell at you to get into downward dog position. It’s so nice to end a run with a good yoga stretch session. Keeps everything loose and you get a real good buzz. I practically floated to my car.

Awesome experience! I plan to go again. If you’re interested, please visit the site. They have free classes on Saturday and Sunday morning for Yoga, Zumba, Crossfit, and more during the summer months.

Dang! Why can’t this be offered here in my comfortable Howard County neighborhood? We have a waterfront too. Heh?? Wishful thinking.

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