Do you know Totally HoCo?

hoco drawingFor those of you who haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a great new site that you might want to bookmark if you live, work, and/or play in Howard County. It’s called Totally HoCo and believe me when I say it will bless your life.  It’s a community calendar but like on a 5.0 level. It’s jam packed with events and offers in the county and is open to the public to post events. Are you looking for book clubs, cooking classes, beer festivals, Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization Therapy (wait…what?)? It’s there!! Wanna attend a grow a garden, learn about acupuncture, find some fun activities for the kids? Yep! It’s there. Are you hosting a local event and want to invite the whole county? Post your event on Totally HoCo page for extra coverage!

As an added bonus, they are looking for writers to cover local events that may miss thew mainstream media.  Surely you know of a celebration, charity fundraiser, sweet hard-working Boy Scout troop that deserves a spotlight, right? You can write about it for Totally HoCo. They want good news from the eyes and ears of the community so give it to them. I always say that in this day and age of blogs, social media, and hashtags you don’t have to beg the local media to cover your events.  You and your friends can make your own news.

Alright. Enough of my babbling. Take a look for yourself. And spread the word among your networks. This is how you HoCo!


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