Now read this!! Another Ho Co Writer Makes the Post


Ahhhh HAAAAAA!!! I now have proof that at least 2 people read my babbling blog: my Mama and Maureen Evans Arthurs. The latter of the two ladies lives here in Howard County and she wrote a great opinion piece about being assumed to a prostitute because she is Black and married to a White male. And somewhere in this brilliant piece she referenced MY WRITE UP for the Post from October of this year.
Maureen Evans Arthurs is a former candidate for the Ho Co Board of Education and an educator. More importantly she’s an intelligent, distinguished Black woman who has very poignantly penned an insightful piece about the woes of being one half of a mixed race couple. It’s preposterous that people in 2014 presume that a White male cannot be interested in a loving long-term commitment with an African American female (i.e. marriage). And yet this kind of myopic ignorance rolls along here in the ever-so-progressive County de Howard. But… I’ll shut my mouth and let Mrs. Evans Arthurs tell you her story.

Click here to read her fantastic piece!! I have never met Mrs. Evans-Arthur before so if you see her, congratulate her on a job well done and tell her the Urban Bushwoman sends her respect.

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