Long Reach. Columbia. Reimagined.

How did I forget to talk about this?

How did I forget to talk about this?

I know that I am super late with this post but when it comes to praise it’s better to do it late than never. How cool is it that Long Reach Village center, the one I have rolled my eyes at for several months due to its lack of desirability, is now in the cue for some upkeep. I have been a chief critic of this place mainly because I don’t see why a shopping center located in the middle of a high concentration of African-American has to be ignored. Looks like those days are coming to an end. This site is possibly going to a center for the arts. Last month a few big wigs like Dr. Calvin Ball, Council Rep for District 2, and Mark Thompson, came to unveil the news. The New Long Reach will hopefully be a center for arts in Ho Co.  I couldn’t be more happy to hear that.  (Don’t laugh at my picture y’all. I was finishing up a workout and my hair wasn’t ready for prime time. It ain’t easy having Black women’s hair, ya know?)

Click here to read about the unveiling if you missed it.

Alsoooooooooo on this past Monday night Blandair Park got some buzz. The playing fields there were named for Delegate Frank Turner. Delegate Turner worked hard to get money for these fields to be created and thus his name is all over those joints. Very fitting. Click here to read about that.

Congratulations to the residents of Columbia!!


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