Five reasons why this week sucked a$$

I tell you when it rains, it pours. This has been the most terrible week in all of 2014 for me. I cannot wait for it to be over.

1. The elections left us all seeing red. I cannot believe that I have Republican County executive. Are the Democrats in Howard County that disgusted with our quality of life that they’re willing to vote for a Republican? JEEZ LOUISE!! I’m going to remain positive and hope for the best in this situation. Maybe Mr. Kittleman will be the CE for all
of us and look out for our best interest not just his own.

2. The Howard County Police have been to my house 3 times this week. Why?? Because my very adorable yet very stubborn Autistic son refuses to calm down. He’s been having some pretty intense tantrums lately and we couldn’t get on the bus, couldn’t settle down in class, couldn’t relax at home, etc. My mother-in-love and husband decided to call the police to help with the situation in the morning but alas they couldn’t do much but look at them like they’re growing horns out their foreheads. They recommend calling the Mobile Crisis Hotline but HAHAHAHAHA they don’t open until 9 am. God help you if you have a crisis at 7:45 am.

3. Speaking of my son he is having such a horrible week that he is now in the hospital in DC for a five to seven day visit. It seems his tantrums are way too much for us and his medication routine is not helping as it has done in previous years. I will blog about the mental health bullshit in Howard County a little later. You have no idea how bad it is.

4. I woke up vomiting and that other thing this morning at 3 :15 am. I thought that it was my nerves from having my son in the hospital or maybe I ate too much dinner. I went back to bed and was back up again a few minutes later. Skipping ahead a bit I tried to go to work, threw up at work and promptly went back home. Guess what was waiting for me there? A sick husband who has been throwing up too. In sickness and in health right?? I had to spend the afternoon using what little energy I had cleaning the hell out of our bathrooms.

5. My daughter went to the fall social at her school and had a terrible time. She suffers from social anxiety so I was a little anxious about her going to the party in the first place. But she made the decision to go and I didn’t wanna say no if she felt like she could handle it. Apparently she couldn’t. She was angry and teary the whole way home.

Oh I cannot wait for this week to be done. Finished. El fin!! Get the hell outta here November 3rd-7th!!! My achy body, throbbing head, and sad heart cannot take much more.

Don’t get me wrong, I still know that God is good. My parents raised me right. I also know that it can be a whole LOT worse. These kinda of trials will definitely make me smarter and stronger. I know everyone has a bad day and apparently it’s my turn. I just wish I could get a silver lining somewhere in this hurricane.

Thanks for enduring my bitching y’all. I promise to be a bit more positive on the next go round. Here’s to good housecleaning!!

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