Reminiscing about Sweets Bakery

Woooo!!! It’s cold today. The first real cold snap we’ve gotten around these parts. So of course I started thinking about eating. One thing that came to mind is Sweets Bakery.


Sweets was a bakery on our beloved Main Street that took the place of Fisher’s Bakery.


I didn’t get the chance to experience Fisher’s but oh did I love Sweets. And here is why. Aside from the birthday cakes that I got from there on a few occasions, Sweets had this pumpkin bread that was TO DIE FOR. I remember how they had a sample of it out on the counter when I came in to but doughnuts. I had a sample and it blew my mind. Then one of the lovely shopkeeper ladies suggested that I try it with this cream pumpkin flavored frosting-type stuff. OMG!!! I have never been the same again.

Sigh….I miss having a bakery on Main Street. Subway was ummm….interesting…but it doesn’t exactly maintain the integrity of a true mom-and-pop shop “Main Street”. Right about now I would gives pinky toe to see Sweets back in it’s spot.

Does anyone know who the former owners were? Where did they go? Do you think they would share their recipe for pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice frosting with me? I know this is a long shot here but if you do have some info, holla at me at Thanks for enduring my silly Sunday post.


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