Come see Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III TONIGHT!



GOOD PEOPLE!!!!!! May I have your attention please? Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III is coming to Howard County tonight. Did you hear what I said? Dr. Freeman Hrabowski! Dr. UMBC-every child can succeed-yes YOU can have a STEM career too-Hrabowski. He is an inspiration!!! He has me thinking that even I can solve the equation of 3×3=.  This man is amazing. If you want to see a living example of a man who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and made himself into a top scholar, come see this man speak tonight.

He is the President of University of Maryland Baltimore County which is no charm school despite being located in “Charm City”. His focus is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). But there is so much more to this man than Algebra. He’s about hope and confidence. He’s about persistence of goals and resistance to all those road blocks in life. He doesn’t focus on what holds people back. He talks about how to move forward and make it in this world. I could sit and listen to him talk for hours.

Once again the lovely folks of the African American Community Roundtable of Howard County in collaboration with HCPSS  have worked their magic to bring Dr. Hrabowski to Columbia (I finally typed his name correctly. YES!!)  And you would be in for a treat if you make the time to go hear him speak tonight.  Forget Monday Night Football. Wanna know more about him before you trek to Wilde Lake High? Click here to watch this segment of 60 Minutes about him. It’s about 12 minutes long so watch it on your lunch break. It will tell you more about his background, why he’s such and inspiration, and how a Black man got a name like Hrabowski (I did it again!) Ok. Enough of my schoolgirl crush chatter. Hope you can make it out there tonight.



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