Unity rally TODAY TODAY TODAY!!!


So that whole Confederate Flag incident at the Glenelg High School last week? Yeah that doesn’t sit right with African-Americans. It actually gives me the heebee geebees when I see it. It’s a horrible reminder of a very dark time in our country’s history. I’m quite sure I’m not the only Black person who feel that way. I don’t know what these kids were thinking and I’m not about to bash them on page (I was young once too. And I’m a city girl. We took stupidity to another level.) But I sure hope they learn a valuable lesson from all this. I mean does Howard County Public Schools require African-American History class as a part of the curriculum? If they don’t, then they should.  Anyway, being the educated, vocal people that we are out here there will be rally about this today to talk about where we go from here. Howard County touts being a civil place to live so it’s time to make sure it lives up to that slogan.

Please join The African American Community Roundtable, The Ethnic Community Roundtable, School System Officials, and County Officials: Monday, September 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm in front of the George Howard Building, 3430 Courthouse Drive in Ellicott City.

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