One quick note about the ALS “ice challenge”


I know folks are having a blast doing the ice bucket challenge in an effort to raise money for ALS aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease. (Side note: Don’t even think of challenging me. You’ll probably regret it and it has nothing to do with my hair.). I hope this fundraiser helps someone. Really, I do. However this challenge seems to go on and on without anyone actually giving information on how to donate the money. They’re barely saying anything about the disease itself. Just “Hey! I’m so n so and I’m doing the ice bucket challenge. I challenge _______, _________, and ________. ” You’re cutting the organization short, ya know?

If you are set to “challenge” a friend, family member, neighbor, etc. do me and the people who are conducting research a huge favor: refer your audience to the website so they can actuallydonate. Brand this fundraiser by giving the website at the beginning and the end of your video.

Here it is
ALSA Donate

Peace y’all!

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