Mothers getting Father’s Day cards


I’m going to keep this one brief. I get the whole concept of honoring single moms on Father’s Day. But I simply do not agree. I am a mom who has to serve both roles in my children’s lives even though I’m married. However, I wouldn’t have children at all if it wasn’t for their father. Someone had to impregnate me. Someone impregnated all moms. Just because I serve two roles in my kids lives at times that doesn’t entitle me to credit on Father’s Day. I’m NOT their Father. I’m a kick ass mom!!

Emasculating men won’t motivate them to be good dads so cut it out (no pun intended). Stop robbing men of the glory of fatherhood. I know there are some pretty shitty dads out there but the point of Father’s Day is to praise the good ones not passive-aggressively condemn bad ones . Spoil moms like crazy on Mother’s Day but leave Father’s Day to the men who are good fathers to their children.


One thought on “Mothers getting Father’s Day cards

  1. If there were cards available with messages like “Have a Miserable Father’s Day, Asshole,” I might agree with you. Alas, there are not.

    I think people should participate (or not) in Father’s Day however they want to. Myself, I like to spend a little time pampering myself (pedicure!) and trying to forget that my piece-of-shit father even exists…but if it helps someone else to give mom a double-dose of appreciation, fine. Different folks, different strokes. 🙂

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