3 Reasons Why You Should Call & Not Send A Text Message


I read this today and loved it. I had to share it on my blog. This dude says some of the same things I always think. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a phone call initiator of sorts. It takes a lot for me to pick up the phone to call someone and I have always been this way. But some things must be said in audible form.

I will add that when it comes to some select matters of the heart, people should say it face to face and NOT in a text message or over the phone. Saying “I love you” for the very first time, or “I don’t want to see you anymore”  after dating for a long time or “I’m gonna kick your ass” when your at your wits end just has to be done in person.  No text message will ever have the same effect. Plus there’s something to be said for looking a person in the eye. It says you’re sincere.

Of course, they could also be a really good liar but it’s even harder to detect that over the phone or via text.

Anyhooooooo, I hope you enjoy this article. And if you do, share it on.




3 Reasons Why You Should Call & Not Send A Text Message.

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