Synergy Chronicles: ROCK HARD


See the title alone should have been my warning. Rock Hard. A high intensity strength training class taught by Ron, co-owner of Synergy and the only male instructor on staff. I knew I had to try this class as strength training is my Achilles heel. I can still hear Ron’s voice bellowing like a PE teacher “SQUAAAAT!!!”
When you look like you’re struggling, he starts the count at 99 and goes backwards. Sometimes he’s kidding. Sometimes he’s not. It’s not for the faint at heart that’s for sure. We did lateral raises, arm curls, squats, bench presses, lunges, tricep thingy-ma-jingies, overhead presses, ab crunches and so. Much. Freaking. More.
But with all my belly aching  and protesting I must say I’m very, very glad that I tried this class. I can run for miles and miles and dance my butt off in Zumba but if I don’t balance all that cardio with some strength training I won’t see results. Ron may be a freaking drill sergeant but he is also a fitness necessity. You got your water bottle, towel, sneakers, and Ron. Party on!
Rock Hard Strength Training. A class that will haunt your dreams and then make them come true.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter (urbanbushwoman9) and Instagram (candygirl925) to see my progress at Synergy Women’s Fitness. Look for the hastag 90daysofSynergy.


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