Answer the Call!! Ho Co Health Survey Time


Health survey time!!! Yeah I know what you’re thinking. How can I be excited about a survey? First of all I’m a health nut and this stuff just fascinates me. Also, a survey means that someone is listening to me and my needs. A survey gives me a platform to express myself. And my hope is in all this expression and listening that something really great will come to fruition that will support my journey to wellness.

In 2012 the Howard County Health Department in partnership with The Horizon Foundation, Howard County General Hospital and Columbia Association did a survey to get a glimpse at what the health needs and disparities are in the county. The results were published in a remarkable, user-friendly, infographic formatted manner called the Howard County Health Assessment Survey. This survey was so informative for public health officials and community members too.  They use it to plan health fairs, education classes, and apply for grant money.

Well it’s 2014 folks!! Time to do it again. The good people at the health department need your voices to generate the newest health assessment.  The survey is done randomly via home or cell phone (yes they call you). What will they ask you about? They will ask about your diet, exercise, access to doctors and dentists, health care coverage, drinking, smoking and other behaviors.  It is all confidential so relax. The calls are made during the day and they only need a small fraction of your time.  No sweat!! It’s your time to give your vital input so don’t ignore the call. I mean it. Pick up the phone and go with it.

Click here to read more about the assessment. Annnnnnnd…..ANSWER THE CALL. 🙂


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