Synergy Chronicles: Zumba a la Charmaine


Ladies and gentlemen I have found the hottest Zumba class in Columbia (granted I haven’t been to any other classes so I don’t have any other points of references but go with it). This class was hot hot HOT!!! High intensity. High energy. Rapid motion dance fitness that will have you humming and swaying in the shower afterwards because you can’t get those horns outta your head. The class is taught by Charmaine, the co-owner of Synergy.

Charmaine =adrenaline with a smile. Her hips do not lie y’all and neither does the calorie burn.


Zumba is right up my alley because I love to dance. I love shaking my hips, shuffling my feet, and swinging my arms in circles. The music is fun (Salsa, Meringue, lotta Spanish) and so is the instructor. Sure people mess up, miss a step and turn in the wrong direction. And you know what?? Charmaine’s gonna walk over to you and make you laugh about it because it’s fun not nuclear bomb testing.

Now I will admit that I have been ducking Charmaine’s class for the past few weeks because she looked tough and I’m a chicken. Not anymore. The challenge is just what I need for a cross training workout. And it just breaks up the monotony of running . Otherwise what the heck did I sign up for. Oh yeah. I shall return.

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