Urban Bushwoman- the reluctant tree hugger


Well, well, well. Another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into. So this is another instance of me acting without thinking it through. I got this email from Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) saying that they were giving away free trees to customers to plant. Well I’m environmentally friendlysorta kinda… so I went through the proper steps to get two trees; one Willow Oak and one Bald Cypress. I was just grateful for the free trees. I thought they would look like this…


Lo and behold they were delivered today. They don’t anything like that picture. Dag NABBIT!!!! They’re are about three and a half to five feet tall and apparently they must be planted immediately. What??? Ugh!!! What was I thinking? My mom-in-love says I need peat moss and soil and some sorta special shovel to dig a hole. I think I need a bottle of wine and a plan. My other half is out of town for business this week so I have time to get myself together before I have to hear his mouth. Woe is me!!

These trees are either gonna get planted or kindly donated to someone who knows what they’re doing. At least my heart was in the right place. Time to call BGE so they can mark up my yard. Wish me luck y’all!

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