What Obama Isn’t “Doing” For Black People

bs free zoneSooooo I gotta little pissed when I read a particular Facebook post yesterday regarding my President not doing enough for Black people (Note to self: avoid all political conversations when Aunt Flow comes to town.  My emotions cannot be contained.) Six years in office and a slew of legislations that help lower and middle income people and minorities later and he STILL isn’t “doing anything for Black people”. I am so completely annoyed by the argument that the first thing Black politicians should do when they get into office is do things that help only Black people. Funny. It wasn’t only Black people that got him or her in that office. These are the same jokers who wouldn’t go to the polls  on election day to vote because they proclaim that their vote won’t matter. Now all of a sudden you have a person of color in a position of power and the question becomes ‘what can you do for me?’ Get the f*ck outta here with that bullsh*t people!

I rarely jump into political discussions because my recall skills are delayed sometimes but for some reason, I came up with a few good points off the cuff. Here was my response (I added a few links here to support my argument):

We can all do a something about the problems that plague the Black community. And we don’t need President Obama to help.

Mentor the kids whose parents you criticize instead of putting the onus on the school system. Educate your own kids at home when the school system “fails you”.

New gun laws to stop Black on Black crime? Laughable. We have guns laws in place already (yeah they could be more stringent) and young Black men still killing each other on the street.  If these young men don’t respect another man’s life or the death penalty, what the fuck will a new gun law do. I guess that’s Congress’ fault too.

All these so-called self-employed “Black entrepreneurs” in the house and not one of them will hire our youth. How’s that for an answer to generational poverty? Remember each one reach one?

Are these entrepreneurs and Black male greek letter organizations gonna work with the My Brother’s Keeper Program that POTUS help to establish or complain that it’s bullshit and watch it fail?

Immigration laws help Brothas and Sistahs from the Caribbean and African countries just as much as they do Hispanics. It’s not a Hispanic only law.

Drug laws?? Yeah I’ll give you that one. He hasn’t done enough to knock down these mandatory sentences for non-violent crimes and Black women are the ones paying the price for that.

Speaking of Black women, I feel soooo bad for us. That Executive Order he passed TODAY prohibiting federal contractors from retaliating against workers who discuss their salaries with one another won’t benefit Black women one bit. What a shame! All these successful Black women who are in top level positions in the government and private industry are getting less pay than their White counterparts and POTUS is fighting to put a stop to that. Oh and we (Black women) won’t benefit from that silly little Lilly Ledbetter law he signed FIRST AND FOREMOST when he took office in 2008. Nope! We won’t reap the benefits of that battle.

He worked like a dog and took a serious beating politically for healthcare reform to protect people from getting systematically RAPED by health insurance companies. Yeah that’s not gonna benefit Blacks at all especially those on Medicaid. Click here to see how much we’re NOT getting benefits from the ACA.

He gave a $100 million dollar grant YESTERDAY to Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland for STEM career training. STEM JOBS ARE TOP PAYING JOBS PEOPLE!! THEY ARE THE FUTURE!! Prince George’s County Schools is a predominately Black and Hispanic school district. He bypassed four predominately White school districts  to give that money to Prince George’s County. (Somewhere I hear Dr. Freeman Hrabowski saying AMEN).

This debate is a waste. Get out and do something in your neighborhood and community to make it better. Run for local office. Organize your church members, high school friends, social clubs, etc. to do something about the problems in our community. In other words be proactive NOT reactive. I’m out of this now. Y’all rock on!

I’ll tell you what my President isn’t doing for Black people…pandering to all the whining and bullsh*t slinging we do when things don’t go our way. Grow up and handle your own business! I’m going to sip some tea and take four Midols before I go to work. Happy Hump Day folks!!


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