How Do You Make a Tough Decision?

decision-makingI’ve been presented with an opportunity this past week that looks and feels like a golden ticket. I am really, really, really, excited about it y’all. Really. I don’t even want to explain it on this blog because I’m afraid I will jinx myself. But what I will say is that this opportunity leaves me with a very tough decision to make.

This is one of the many things I don’t like about being an adult: the fact that I have to make ‘the call’. I know that sounds a little ridiculous but seriously there are some days when I don’t want to make the call. I don’t want to give an absolute yes or no. There are some key moments in my life when I really wish someone else would step in and just do it for me. Is that cowardly? Probably so. I guess I fear backlash and regret. But doesn’t everybody? Maybe so maybe not. It leads me to wonder what does it take to make a tough decision. What method do people employ to make a choice? How do they rest easy after they’ve made it?

God, Jesus, and Spirituality– I could (and will) pray on this decision. I am a Christian woman and I believe in following God even if I don’t fully understand where I’m going. I know He will never give me something that I can’t handle (and based on my life so far I gotta tell you God has a whole lotta faith in me).

Advice from an elder or a very wise comrade– I could (and probably will) call on people that I respect for their decision making skills like my Dad and a couple of close friends. I like to sit back and listen to how they process things and how they would handle the situation if they were me. I like the questions my confidants ask me because usually they bring up something I didn’t think about before.

Signs-I don’t rely on this method too often because although God can speak to you through signs the other can do that too. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two voices so I tread lightly. But signs can be very clear and obvious. An unexpected phone call or email. A long lost friend resurfacing. A group of people talking about the very same topic you’ve been contemplating. Signs are interesting.

The List– You know what the list is. Pros and Cons. Very logical way to reason. Problem is I don’t know which side to put my heart on.

Chance-Flip a coin. Play rock, paper, scissors. Do bubble gum-bubble gum-in the dish. Consult the Magic 8 ball. I think this is the most irresponsible way to make a decision. Yet some people actually think this is a great way to make choices. If I was trying to figure out what I want for dinner, sure I can flip a coin. But this is too heavy to leave up to a child’s game.

Pray for me y’all (if you’re the praying kind). Ask God to guide me in the right direction. Ask Him to bring the right people in my life that will give me sound advice and expose the things I haven’t considered. Most of all pray that whichever way I go I will be left with relief not regret.


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