African-American Culture Fair at Columbia Mall this Saturday


It is my distinct pleasure to invite you to come by Columbia Mall on Saturday, February 22, 2014 for the Annual African-American Cultural Fair. Learn about African-American history here in Howard County and abroad. Meet representatives from the many African-American organizations that support the community in Howard County. Bring your kids, learn something new, and spread the word that African-Americans in Howard County have a rich, deep seeded heritage and we contribute to its greatness.  This fair was on pause for the last couple of years due to some misunderstandings between the mall and the National Pan Hellenic Council of Howard County.  Now that some things have been settled, it’s time to roll out the red carpet and welcome the fair back to the mall. Let’s go!!!

The fair will be located in front of Lord and Taylor by the Crumbs Bakery (I love cupcakes by the way. Don’t you?)

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