Did that shooting at the mall really just happen?

Columbia Mall is now forever stained in the minds of many far and wide. I don’t want to blog too much about it now because there are still so many question marks in the air. But WOW!!!! You hear about shootings at schools and movie theaters and other public venues and you think ‘what a shame’. But when it strikes less than 5 miles away from your home, you think differently. It gets real to you. THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME.  I can’t just turn the channel on this one.  Thankfully, none of my family members or friends were killed.  And I didn’t know the shooter (or I don’t think I did. We don’t know who he/she is yet). I wasn’t about to-trying to-meaning to-planning on- going to the mall at all. But for some reason this situation is just as contiguous.

Sadly this is the state of the world today. People lack anger management and conflict resolution skills. We just get guns and settle everything with death. My heart and prayers go out to the victims families who have to unexpectedly say good bye to their young relatives. I also pray for the shooter who cravenly took his own life after ending two others. (Yeah I said it.  Christians are supposed to do that. The shooter was God’s child too.) Finally, we gotta pray for the law enforcement officials, government officials, medical professionals, and media personnel who are left to clean this mess up, put the pieces together and explain it all to us citizens who live here in Howard County. May God increase their stamina.

For those of you who don’t live in the area (like my UK followers) but are curious as to what happened, Channel 9 WUSA had some great coverage of what happened. Click on the link below. It’s about 9 minutes long. Have a peaceful day!

Columbia Mall Shooting




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