My new fave small businesses in Ho Co

I panicked just now thinking OMG!!! Small Business Saturday is almost over and I didn’t post anything. Then I thought some more and realized that Small Business Saturday is not just today. You can shop small businesses everyday. WHEW!!! Ok. Got that panic attack over with. Now let me get on with two small businesses that I personally endorse. (Note: with all due respect to Main Street, I purposely avoid it because the parking sucks and other small businesses deserve some of the spotlight. Shucks!! I’m still pouting because Fisher’s bakery is gone).


Shopaholic. A new consignment store in Ellicott City. Located at the corner of St. John’s Lane and Fredrick Road, this quiet little shop used to be a children’s consignment store called Cutie Patootie (which coincidently was also next door to another consignment store. Must be consignment row over there). All of a sudden the Cutie was gone and up comes another consignment shop.

I like this store. This is a family owned business with all kinds of couture, shoes, handbags, hats, accessories, and children’s clothes and toys. It’s very cozy, organized and colorful. That lends itself to me spending lots of time and money in there. Check them out!
9090 Frederick Road Ellicott City, Md.


Long Reach Beauty Supply. As a Black city girl living on exile in the suburbs, one of the first things I desperately sought when we first moved here was a beauty supply store. African-American hair is a very serious matter and we need certain tools to make it look presentable at best. Someone mentioned this shop to me and I was on the case.

Now if you are a student of sociology, you know that African-Americans and Koreans don’t have a wonderful relationship. I approached this store with caution at first. But this owner is very cool. He laughs and jokes with all his customers. Always greets me with a “Hello” while looking me in the eye. And he has EVERYTHING under the sun for my hair, skin, and nails. I don’t shop anywhere else. Please check them out and give Long Reach shopping center some love (that village center is downright pitiful. I’ll blog about that later.)
Don’t know the exact address but it Long Reach Shopping Center along Tamar Drive.

Do me a solid good people. When you get this in your mail don’t immediately throw it in the recycling bin.


This magazine is chock full of local businesses trying to win your heart with a coupon and a promise of good customer service. Give them a try. Them email me ( and tell me what you think.

Shop small and local and keep the heartbeat of the community going strong.


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